In 1830, when the first public school was established in a log house on Plymouth Road, there was probably no thought that the School District would today be Michigan's third largest and have three high schools, five middle schools, 16 elementary schools and grow in enrollment to nearly 19,000 students.


These buildings and the staff working in them are governed by a seven-member Board of Education. The Board meets twice monthly in regular session and meets at other times for workshops. Each Board member is elected by voters in the Plymouth-Canton community for a four-year term of office. The Board is charged with setting goals and establishing policies for the operation of the District. These goals and the policies to implement them include equality of educational opportunity and quality instruction. An outstanding teaching and support staff has made the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools well known throughout the state.


The District, 54 square miles, encompasses the City of Plymouth, Plymouth Township and parts of Canton, Northville, Salem and Superior Townships. Included in the District are shopping centers, modern subdivisions, industry and open farm land.


The Plymouth-Canton School District boasts the only educational park in the State of Michigan. Known as the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP), it is a 305-acre site which serves as the location of three four-year comprehensive high schools, Canton, Plymouth, and Salem.. The buildings, completed in 2002, house over 220 teachers, counselors, and learning specialists, with a student population of about 6,000. Courses available to students, who participate interchangeably at the three schools, range from auto mechanics through foreign languages to calculus and cover all the areas in between. Athletic facilities at the Park include swimming pools, gymnasiums, and an 8,000-seat athletic stadium used jointly by all three schools.

Every school in the District has a media center staffed by a certified librarian and is served by specialists in art, music, physical education and learning problems. The District welcomes inquiries about individual schools or the school program. Such inquiries can be made to the E. J. McClendon Educational Center or to individual school principals. Arrangements for visits to any school building can also be made in this way.